Resolved Question: Are people Addicted to drugs,alcohol, porn,gambling,escaping reality? Why are they always delivered by GOD? ?

In becoming Sober?
Higher Power, GOD, JESUS it is always a devine figure who helps so many many people from afflictions and addictions…

If people could handle reality we would never have any social problems life would be *bliss* but instead we have billions of people escaping reality into the world of Drug Addiction (Legal and ill-legal)
Anti-depressants, valium, pain killers, marijuana, crack cocaine, alcohol..or they ruin there lives and marriages with pornography and gambling addictions.

Why do these people always find strength and sobriety in something much bigger than life something divine?

Has anyone ever said I use to be a lowlife drug addict, useless person who believed and had a relationship with GOD but now I found the reality of Atheism and now I am sober?

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