Resolved Question: Anybody help me with a title for a story?

I would really like some ideas for the title of a story I’ve been writing. I’ll give you a little summary to help you think.

Cason Meyers has never had the best life. His father died when he was thirteen, sending his mother to drink and leaving him alone in the world. The only place to turn to was an edgy girl named Cece. Cece introduced Cason into the world of alcohol, drugs and sex – leaving him with a terrible consequence when she leaves town. Along with a practically unbreakable addiction to cocaine, Cason is diagnosed as HIV positive. By now, he has lost all form of a social life, and all he wants to do is get past his senior year and get to college.

Hadley Rose McAdams has just moved to accomodate her mother’s new placement in a local mental institution. For the majority of her life, Hadley has had to deal with her mother’s depression from the fact that she has HIV, and when she meets the closed off Cason, her mind is made up to save him from a life of loneliness.

She embarks on a mission to befriend Cason Meyers, but it proves harder than she thinks. Can she truly win over the heart that is almost too mangled to work? Or will it just end in her own heart being destroyed?

Any help would be really appreciated (:

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