Resolved Question: any advice for my mum’s drug and alcohol addiction?

My mum has been a long time sufferer of mental illness. From diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to anxiety and depression. She’s always well presented, eats well (although small amounts) and exercises regularly. She has worked hard for most of her life, however she is currently not working. She is the perfect housewife, always putting a cooked meal on the table and making sure the house is tidy. She has dealt with some serious life altering issues, such as sexual abuse but has always managed to stay strong and put on a brave front. For as long as I can remember mum has been on some form of anti-depressant. Currently mum has a prescription for Avanza, she also has xanax and valium on hand. For the last few years she has had a few glasses of wine at night to relax but always defended this by saying it helped her relax and unwind and dr’s have told her it’s nothing to be overly concerned about. However, lately I have caught her taking xanax whilst she’s been drinking. On top of this, she is also addicted to sugar free energy drinks and has no doze in her handbag. Mind you she was hospitalized a couple of years ago with insomnia, which she claims is why she takes the help her sleep! She is also a heavy smoker. Recently a very close family member confided in me that she caught mum buying cocaine and if I monitor her closely I would pick up on when she’d used it. I can’t believe I’d been so silly as to not notice in the past the way she licks her gums, is completely off the planet and has sinus problems (which she’d never had in the past) I always put her state down to the effects of alcohol mixed with avanza…especially considering she has such a petite frame. I’m so scared for her well-being and would really value some advice about how to deal with my mum. Thanks

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