Resolved Question: am i in denial? and where do i go from this point?

hm, where to start. Okay well i suffered from a cocaine addiction for years and recovered. But now i use whenever its around, whether it be alcohol or prescription drugs or cocaine. I don’t use everyday nor do i go out looking for it but if its there in-front of me i can’t say no. I just cannot say no. If someone offers me a drink…i have to take it, saying no eats me alive.. I’m 20 now and i go to college, i work 2 jobs, i do a placement, i take care of my brother and grandma because my dad is dying and my mom works constantly so we can keep our house. I live in Ontario. I just want to know opinions if you think i have an addiction or not? I think i may be in denial about this whole situation…deep inside i need help…i know this..but i need someone else to tell me and convince me..because in my eyes…if i am still managing my life and doing welll…so what if i’m using (i know its the wrong mindset) …with my previous addiction i was doing nothing with my life and now im juggling everything…so whats your opinion? Thanks in advance

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