Resolved Question: Am I in deep denial over my husband’s drug addiction?

My 50 year old husband is a drug addict. He has battled addiction throughout our marriage of 12 years. It started out with pain pills and progressed to crack/cocaine. He was clean for 3 years and relapsed last year. Relapse started with cocaine but now I think it is more pain pills. I am the only one working and we don’t have the money for cocaine. He has pawned and traded just about everything we have. Has borrowed money from a former boss and when he asks him to work it is to “work off” what he owes. He swears that he has done nothing since 1.5.2010 but there are days when I come home from work and I suspect he has done something. Of course, he denies it when confronted. He is unemployed and what I make is barely keeping our head above water. Our home is being foreclosed on–goes up for sale 3.18.2010. When confronted about getting a job he makes a joke about it and says “when I know that I can pass a drug test”. Am I in some serious denial or am I not giving him a chance to prove himself. He made a comment about if roles were reversed, he would stand beside of me. I have stood beside of him for many years through this addiction. I can’t stand anymore. I have thought of divorce but I know that would probably send him over the edge. What do you think?

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