Resolved Question: Am I a victim of child abuse?

Please read ALL of these:

-My parents seperated, divorced, took back the divorce papers, seperated again, and divorced for good.
-My dad travels for a living and only comes home when he runs out of money. When he has days off he is in MN with girlfriends.
-My dad went to rehab because of addiction of pain killers and alcoholism. He is now an alcoholic again
-My mom is never really home. I’m home alone most of the time, im 16 yrs old.
-Our family friend told me my parents were/maybe still are cocaine users
-I’ve gotten pulled out by social services asking if i know if my mom does drugs.
-In 2nd grade they pulled me out…had me draw a pic of my family to see if I drew beer or anything in my parents hands.
-When my brothers and dad get mad they often hit me, push my head into car window, pull my hair, threaten me, etc *NOTE* It only happens when they are mad. So its not regularly

Thank you.

Also: My 2 brothers are also marijuana users. They leave their pipes and pot laying around even if i’m at their house, in their car, etc
-One of my bros is also an alcoholic

One thing I can honestly say is that I have never done and I plan to never be an alcohol or drug user

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