Resolved Question: Albums/songs where the pure beauty in them is the emotional pain and anguish that they portray?

Now I don’t mean just a typical “I hate myself and want to die” song. I mean one where the pain being portrayed is real and sufficient, the artist is hurting and tells the world through the songs.

For me:
Station to Station – David Bowie.
He is deep in his personal battle with cocaine addiction that was to come out through “The Thin White Duke” persona. The detachment that he tries to place only seems to make it all that much powerful as a statement from the title track opening, to the odd choice of covering “Wild as the Wind”at the end.

Closer – Joy Division
Ian Curtis’ collective suicide notes are really the best way to describe it all. When he yells out “Where have they been” in “Decades” you sense that the end is near for him.

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