Resolved Question: A homeopathic cure for cocaine/drug addiction?

My macro/Homeo/vegan friends are sworn to curing me of my cocaine addiction with some sort of homeopathic medicine.

I would appreciate a quick aide in defeating it. I’m prepared mentally to stop, but sometimes I’m rebellious, as you’d have to be to get yourself in a situation like this in the first place. What’s your opinion, try it? it can’t hurt right. I can add it to my trough of treatments.

Sometimes I feel like they just want a guinea-pig for their experiment.

To his credit- This guy once cured my concussion with D.M.S.O. It worked. Pain was gone in no time, and the lump on my head went away in one day.

I know i’m far from being pure and natural, smoking newport cigarettes and free-basing cocaine, not to mention the unprotected sex, well that part’s still natural, heh heh. Not funny I know..

Still I want to change and these vegan all natural folks sure do know how to live.

This treatment is suposed to be amazing for cocaine addicts.

What do you think it is?

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