Resolved Question: A character in my book…..?

Alexa, in my book, is a wild party girl.
Her father, was kicked out by her mother because of his cocaine addiction when she was three. Ever since then, her mother has brought men home at different hours of the night. But one guy, David, unusually kept showing up. She soon finds out that her mother is pregnant and that is the reason why he’s been showing up so often.

When Alexa was 16, David sexually assaulted her. She tried to tell her mother, but she was too caught up with her newborn and didn’t have time for Alexa’s “drama”.

From all of the damage her troubled home has caused her, Alexa is unsteady and yearns for attention. She has had lots of boyfriends, but none of them last too long. She breaks up with them before she gets too involved, to avoid having to explain her past, and ending up with a broken heart.

Alexa, now a senior, somehow winds up in a support group, with psychiatrist, Dr.Holland. (As stated in my previous question “Should she get back together with him?”) In that group, she seeks help and meets other teenagers her age.

My question is, should she meet a guy and unexpectedly fall for him and not be able to break up with him? Because she finally realizes what it is like to be in love? After all of her break-ups to avoid it?

Or should her story focus on how she gets through her troubled life at home?

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