Relapse, Slips & Busts

Bill W. co-founders of AA
Bill W. a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous answers questions about alcoholism in a discussion in 1960.
Question; What about slips in general? You must have witnessed a lot of them.
Bill W.: The subject of slips is a very large one. It takes in a lot of territory.
Slips can often be charged to rebellion and some of us surely are more rebellious than others.
Slips can be charged to carelessness, to complacency. Many of us fail to ride out such periods sober.
Slips are due to the illusion that one can be “cured” of alcoholism. Things go fine for two or three years then the member is seen no more. He gets busy putting two cars in the garage and again returns to keeping up with the Joneses. That almost surely spells trouble.
Some of us suffer extreme guilt becaus…

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