Rehab’s Latest Trend: Sex Rehab for the Cheater

For starters Tiger Woods, and then Jesse James, who will be next? Depends upon who gets caught serial two timing! Sex rehabilitation is seen as much more of a faiytale when compared with a genuine treatment stint. Even though sex addiction is indeed a illness, what we are experiencing is cheating men trying to repair what’s remaining of their marriages. At this point, neither marriage was rescued because of the sexual addiction rehab.

Serial infidelity doesn’t signify there is a fundamental sexual addiction. A few men just find it extremely hard to become loyal to 1 woman, especially when 1 significant other is consistently traveling for work. Nevertheless, it is actually an ever-increasing pattern in rehabilitation centers. Regrettably, as there is simply no true fundamental sex addiction that is inducing the being unfaithful, the therapy is basically worthless. Partners must either quit cheating or stop producing reasons for their disloyal conduct to prevent shining an undesirable spotlight on authentic sex addictions.

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