Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse may affect anyone, including stars plus public figures. Despite the fact that appearing famous just isn’t going to equate having an dependence, individuals are frequently under analysis hence the average man or woman will probably find out lots about this. Probably the most stunning news concerning famous people and drug addiction surrounds the death of popular symbol Michael Jackson. Regretfully, his life came to a close due to prescribed drug abuse as the autopsy exposed several prescribed medicines within his system conducive to his premature fatality.

Though recreational drugs might be equally unsafe, there exists a huge difference between these and pharmaceuticals. Oftentimes, the functions resulting in prescription drug use follow an accident, personal injury or affliction. An individual could become used to the effects of the narcotic and must escalate utilization to achieve the sensation. Drug and alcohol abuse can eventually occur and the user needs higher levels of the chemical, which might generally result in accidental mortality by way of overdose.

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