Open Question: Would snorting caffiene help me get over my mephedrone addiction?

I’m trying to quit mephedrone (which is a bit like cocaine, if you’ve never heard of it before, except it’s legal where I live). I’m finding quitting really difficult, as I have an extremely powerful urge to snort something, even if it’s not actually meph. My friends have told me before that they’ve snorted powdered caffiene as a (much) milder alternative to mephedrone.

I’m thinking of doing that now, just to help me get my cravings under control. I have these Pro Plus pills, which contain 50mg caffiene per pill- I’m thinking of grinding two or three of them up and snorting them. I’m aware you can OD on caffiene, but it’s not actually as dangerous as mephedrone so I wouldn’t be that worried.

So, would snorting caffiene help me wean myself off meph? Or will it not work, or just make me feel crap?

Thanks for your help

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  1. wired says:

    I have tried this before. Caffiene OD makes you feel really wired and induces a very mild nausea that stays for quite a while. The up-side is that it gives you a subconscious negative feedback to snorting but in the long run the craving remains – it just stops being a craving to snort something and becomes a craving to “I-don’t-know-what…”
    I did so much meph that I just got sick of it. One day it just occurred to me that slowly reading a book over a cup of tea is more rewarding – and that was it… I guess these things have a natural cycle, of course it depends on your social circles as well.
    hope this helps.

  2. anon says:

    Possibly. It depends entirely on you really. It’s not so much a physical addiction as a psychological one. If, as you say, it’s more just the urge to snort something, then maybe it will help.
    I know the urge myself, and there’s nothing quite like that rush up the nose.

    It’s certainly worth trying.

    A side note though, pro plus are hideously expensive, and full of pill binders that you don’t really want up your nose. Look online, there are plenty of places to purchase pure caffeine very cheap.

  3. Cocaine Addictions Team says:

    Hey, it’s great that everyone is offering feedback because that’s what we put the site up for, but you should talk to a real professional. Call 1-866-319-7362

    Just don’t think you should leave this to chance with strangers.

    Just my two cents, good luck and feel better.

    -Jon, Cocaine Addictions Web Team

  4. Lu says:

    im currently trying to quite mephadrone my self.. i tried valium to help me quit but the side effects of both bounced off each other and made it better at first, but now im just a mess.
    Snorting anything gets rid of that craving but then you need the acctually buzz so you jsut end up with another nose bleed and more agitation for not feeling anything.

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