Open Question: why refuse to have a relationship then get upset when I move on?

I know I might get judged for this but here goes…

I was in a relationship with a guy who had a cocaine addiction. I met a guy and became friends with him. In fact we had everything in common, when my bf at the time didn’t take me out he did and I loved dancing so he took me. My cocaine addict bf was mistreating me so I decided to end it after kissing this other guy. When I ended it, the guy I kissed backed out and tried it with my friend. I found out and stopped talking to him. Eventually I got back with the cocaine addict. It all ended when I had a pregnancy scare and he ran off, then tried walking back into my life, by then I was sick of him and didn’t go back.

I got on with my life and the guy I kissed came back into my life. (I know I was stupid) but we started seeing each other. Months into the ‘relationship’ he announced that he didn’t want a relationship by then we had already slept with each other and I felt hurt. I started to back off and due to many personal problems I moved away from the city.
Everytime I came to visit me and this guy would get back together. I basically was being used but I was lonely and fell for him. A few months later we began to get closer and he told everybody I was his gf and made it official. We started to act like a couple and people also assumed we was. I saw him and he told me to come to the city and see him the following week. We confirmed it again by the phone and I came to the city. When I got there I called him and he said ‘I’m too busy’ I felt angry and stood up. I was so annoyed by the way he dangled me by a string the whole time. Then I saw his best friend. We both have always had a thing for each other and anger took over. We slept together.

I found out coincidently he had slept with somebody else that same weekend because he boasted to everybody. People stuck up for me and he then said we wasn’t in a relationship.

Me and his friend began seeing each other. I stopped talking to the guy who stood me up and eventually he found out what was going on.

Now he won’t go out with his friends and is extremely hurt. I’ve moved on now and won’t get involved with a guy until I sort out my self esteem issues. But why is he playing the victim and all hurt when he caused this mess?
I take full responsibility for what I did and two wrongs don’t make a right but there was a history behind the build up

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