Open Question: Why do teens think having sex is a cool pasttime?

Alright before I’m answered by a bunch of hormone raging youngsters about how its so damn NATURAL for kids to be having sex.. and yes I mean kids, cause 14-17 year olds are NOT adults and no where near it. I wanna mention my views of when I was a teen and was offered sex

People your age usually stop focusing on the most important part of your life, which is getting an education to better equip yourself AFTER school life ends.. school don’t last forever and your parents, most certainly, will probably nooot feel like pampering a 25 year old child.

You openly choose to gain super *realistic* drama all in which are gained from just having sex with other teens. I mean I went through highschool wanting a lover, and wanting sex; Even the Mr. handsome de-virginator of my school asked me for simple oral sex and I said no. The reasons being cause I VALUE my virginity & my body; which gave me confidence cause I had something special that most of my friends threw away for a simple thrill ride. But also because I wanted to have a pleasurable eperience in which I didn’t have to make stupid excuses and pretend they were reasons of doing it.

Some of the stupidest answers I get from teens who have sex are:

1) Cause I can’t control it, my body needs it… Look at how many people’s body who craved meth, cocaine, crack, cigarettes even.. and look at how much they lost from catering to that addiction. I don’t care what your body craves an addiction is an addiction and catering to it usually ends up in failure, disease, and death.

2) *one of the stupidest*: Cause I Love that person (sometimes conjuncted to that they wanna make them feel good).
Sex and Love are not the same.. so stop using Love as an excuse. I care about people, doesn’t mean I’mma go screw with them and ask them for a licking session. I loved only 3 guys before, and desired to have sex with them because they would talk like they would be there forever. They are not.. one screwed some asian girl like 10 years younger then him that he said he didn’t like.. he just did it to not be a virgin no more at age 26, the other felt I betrayed them by not telling them how I feel 24/7 of the time, the other just let his friends turn him into an asshat. Love is a very strong word that is used way too openly now a days and is really losing it’s taste in power. Love now simply means *I somewhat care about you*.. or a better then like but not quite better cause I dunno you nor will take the time of day to ponder about you.
There are better more fullfilling ways to show love then with sex, the showing of that special thing should lead to sex, not the other way around. Spending time enjoying eachother laughing and crying together should all be present before he starts stuffing your pie with some crimson rod from hell. I am a strong believer of being a friend first is more important than being a sex partner and I encourage people to meet friends of opposite sexes, learn them, know them, and become best friends with them way before you even think to pull off their clothes. I’m not saying time is the key factor.. you could be with someone for 10 years and not say anything worthwhile to eachother.. its the stregnth of the connection between the 2 that counts not necessarily the amount of time before it happens, as long as its not an extremely short time >_> which would be dumb… I see people who are adults even talk about their husband like “ew he does this and that” and I’m like “Then why the Hell would you marry someone like that..” cause its so stupid that you commit to something when you don’t even read the fine print.

3) Another very stupid excuse: Cause of peer-pressure.
I don’t see why someone would WANT to be a follower.. why would you lower your self esteem more by being a pion. Being out of the crowd most times is better then being right along in it. Having sex cause you think it’ll make you cool is stupid, un cool people have sex too remember that~ just usually they are smarter about it and not waste time and emotion on other pions.

4) Animals do it for fun and we’re animals so we should too.
So if a monkey eats its own poop does that mean humans should too? Stop hiding behind the fact that animals do stuff, humans are humans, monkeys and dolphins are monkeys and dolphins. If a monkey goes around humping it’s sister does that mean humans should do the same and its natural? it’s just another dumb excuse. Human nature doesn’t equate to monkey nature. Most humans have to learn from other humans; if your stupid enough to try to be learning about your own intentions from another species of animal, maybe I see why your having sex now.. cause your probably retarded…

5) Sex is fun…. Yes sex is pleasurable I do agree with that, it’s also harmful.. life thratening/altering (sex, stds, and romance drama) and also comprimisable with things such as porn and masturbation~ and here come the follow up excuse to that statement..
*It doesn’t feel the same,

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