Open Question: why are psychadelics illegal?

Okay sure. heroin, opiates, marijuana, cocaine and extacy are pretty nasty.

but there are other drugs out there like dmt, dpt, dxm, psycolibyn mushrooms, mescaline, lsd etc.

like everyone that doesnt/hasnt taken drugs seriously think anyone who has taken drugs is some junky with no life. when many drugs require intelligence and skill to extract/identify. I’m talking about the psychadelics here, why does everyone dissaprove of them? there not a problem physically nor mentally at all if taken with moderation and care. DMT and many other potent psychadelics are very spiritual drugs, and are known to cure addictions to heroin and alcohol. DMT has no negative effects besides loss of balance whilst experiencing the trip, possible lung cancer, and possible fear (not necessarily a bad trip, just due to such quick effects). i think its ridiculous that people judge these drugs and the drug users as bad, and think nicotene is an okay drug when it has FAR more negative effect then the majority of the psychadelics. If the government legalized magic mushrooms then i guarantee the amount of psycolibyn mushroom related deaths will drop because professional people will be picking these mushrooms for business, and not have unprofessional people pick the wrong mushroom. If the government legalized psychadelics (specifcally tryptamines and psycolibyn) then they would recieve a larger income, much more then cigarettes would income.

Sure, not many people die from attempting to pick psycolibyn Mushrooms. However, many people die from attempting to pick an Amanita muscaria, or mistaking it for a “magic mushroom”. The amanita mushroom family is the leading cause for mushroom poisoning deaths in the world, yet it is legal to possess. If amanita muscaria was legal to consume, buy, sell in more states/countries then businesses with professional mushroom pickers will be able to identify the psychadelic amanita from the poisonous amanita, and sell/produce these mushrooms legally to other people, preventing many deaths from unprofessional people picking these fungi.

also, dimethyltryptamine (DMT) was used by the shamans in the very early years. It is not just a drug, but a drug with such power it changes others spiritual beliefs and opinions. It is a spiritual drug, and i believe that everyone should have the right to possess and consume these psychadelics.

As Joe Rogan stated on radio while discussing dimethyltryptamine he said, and i quote to the best of my ability/memory, “No one has ever died of a psychadelic like DMT, all the stuff you hear from the government is just propoganda bullshit used to scare you into abiding by the law…”. This is true, no-one has EVER died from DMT. infact, our pineal glands produce this drug every night, thus making us dream. If we don’t dream then we won’t survive, we will literally die. It is not known why DMT is a necessity, but it is.

so why are psychadelics illegal in many countries?
Theres a Drug user, and a Drug abuser is someone who simply goes out into a paddock, not knowing how to identify a mushroom and just looking for another “high”. While a Drug user is one who is experienced and knowledgable in the drugs he/she takes and takes them in moderation.

and please no, “legalise marijuana” or “marijuana is fine” because it can cause negative effects, more severe then some psychadelics and isnt a very strong drug. I’m not catagorizing marijuana with heroin, no. But Marijuana, whilst being a psychadelic, doesn’t have many similarities with tryptamines and psycolybin.

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