Open Question: Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden today-August 2009?

Some say he is dead.
Some say he is in southern China.
Some say he never actually existed.
Some say his identity is a composite identity; this means any number of individuals can take on the role unbeknown to the intelligeaance communities.
Some say he has direct ties to specific American citizens.
Some say his college roommate can get him on his cell phone.
Some say he is funded by opium poppys the US has never bombed. Did the Russians ever bomb the Afghan poppy fields?
Did the Russians win their war with Afghanistan?
Are the Russians closer allies to Iran, Iraq, or Pakistan?
Does opiate addiction debilitate large segments of other nation’s populations, or just the US?
If you were a pacifist/Christian and did not believe in killing others, could you justify getting the “enemy within” / Satan / evil infidels hooked on heroin in order to debilitate him/her in order to save him/her with Allah or Jesus, or one of the three religions at war today?
If you were a man would you try pot in order to sleep with a extremely attractive [religion caused or enabled or maintained] sex slave [or harem girl]?
What about cocaine or heroin?
What percent of the US economy is a function of the bad health caused by illegald drugs and/or on illegal drug profits?
What percent of the US economy is a function of the bad health caused by alcohol, nicotine, and over prescribed legal drugs and/or on tobacco and alcohol and legal over prescribed prescription drugs?

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