Open Question: When dealing with an addict family member or partner do you find yourself angry?

I have had two wealthy boyfriends with substance abuse issues.

Jake was sexually abused as a child, and mistreated by the revolving door of his mothers ex-boyfriends. He struggles for years with alcohol abuse and weed issues until he moved on to crack cocaine.

Becasue his grand parents gave him whatever he wished….he had no incentive to stop.

My current boyfriend is a resident pediatrician. He was raised in a loving wealthy family and graduated Ivy League. His brother spent years battling alcohol addiction at the age of 22 and now he,29, has been forced to enter an inpatient facility.

I am 26 years old. I work two jobs. I am a communications assistant and bartender. My estranged family treated me like a stranger in my formative years, and my mother would often beat me for no reason. I am achieving some success in my life and if i drink…I will have a glass or two….none on weekdays. I battle everyday to overcome my social fears and loneliness.

I am angry that my BF who has everything refused to take hold of his charmed life. Im openly supportive of him and he in no way knows that I feel this way. Have you ever felt this way? What can I do?

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