Open Question: what is wrong with him?

I love this man very much but i am now very concerned.His problems made it very hard to maintain a relationship.We have always had a close bond together.He drank heavily and developed a cocaine addiction,it was always there but became severe.I have been there for him in his ups and his downs and been understanding of his problems.I knew he had lots of issues but he would not help himself and i was dragged into it all emotionally after forgiving his behaviour time after time and trying to hold him together.

He seems very depressed and disturbed in a way,but lately this has been awful.He broke up with me and said he didnt love me enough,he went on a bender and all he could think about was getting drunk and wasted.I was totally at a loss.I feel hurt because at christmas when he felt suicidal i was the one he called,he confided in me and asked for help and i rang round and got him some support and he told me that he loved me more than he could express.Since that time he has become a very angry person again and has distanced himself emotionally and physically.We have a baby on the way and i am very ready to be there when the baby arrives but i am very concerned.we have lived seperate 3 months now.

He has told me that he made a mistake and that he loves me but isnt in love with me,it was very hurtful to hear.He is now fighting his addictions head on which i am very glad of but he is very disconnected and keeps me at a distance.He has admitted his problems but in doing that seems to have lost all the love he had for me.Maybe im wrong but hes seems so low at the moment im not sure if its just depression talking.He says he doesnt respect me and he doesnt respect himself and that we should raise the baby seperately as parents.I feel totally devastated.What have i done to deserve this and why is he behaving this way?I know he wasnt ready to be a dad and this wasnt planned but he has pushed away the one person who would be there for him through think and thin and im so confused!Now he has gone for help i seem like the last thing on his mind and i cant understand what i did to deserve it!

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