Open Question: What is this song called? Do you like it?

I can’t find this song anywhere, I’ve tried google. Do you think it’s worth looking for? Do you like the song?

i can’t escape this state of mind
its got me wishing i hadnt left you behind
im so broken, so twisted up in pain
it hurts more at the thought of seeing you again
but youre like my drug, my reason to live
i tried to quit, but i just wouldnt give

when did this change
when did everything become so deranged,
seems like yesterday you were healthy for me
now youre messing with my mental state
unfortunately, im too late

maybe fate was bored one day,
when he crossed our paths
because i dont see how this,
ever could have last.
were from two different worlds,
the insane and the insecure.
like a chipmunk and a lamb,
it just wasnt meant to work.

dont you know?
i have a one-track mind
and cant find any other tapes.
i wont take anything broken,
it just gets annoying.
but i want it, i need it,
oh look, another drug.
like laced mary jane to replace my cocaine
making me crazy, addicted

my addiction
so unhealthy, so tempting
my craving is left unrelenting
tell me again why i need this?
because im at a total loss.

so come, come and save me.

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