Open Question: What do you think of this story? Is it interesting?

Okay I based the character on someone I knew here it goes:
Genesis (main character) is around 15 years old and starts doing marijuana. She is the only child and her mom is single parent so she does weed because of loneliness – doesn’t admit it though. Overtime her dealer gives her cocaine saying marijuana is weak compared to it. She doesn’t agree with it but ends up doing it anyway. She becomes addicted and her dealer introduces her to heroin and she starts shooting heroin. And the story shows of her addiction and her trying to quit.
I don’t know but I felt like if I write a short story of this is would be a typical/overused story.
Yeah, her mom does find out. She sees her track marks while she was sleeping. Genesis lies and says she has been cutting herself because she isn’t around at all. Later on sees Genesis snorting cocaine in her room and does the whole intervention.

IMO, I hate boyfriends in a book. I feel like it ruins a story. Like doing drugs because a boyfriend left you. It seems all weak to me.

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