Open Question: What can I do? Please help!?

Okay, so here’s my situation. I’m 16, my mom and dad are divorced, but live in the same house, I live with them. My dad smokes weed and drinks everyday from when he wakes up til he goes to bed. My mom is a hardcore druggy, mostly cocaine and meth. My dad does anything to make me happy, and he takes care of my besides his addictions and lack of father daughter relationship. My mom on the other hand is gone all the time and she doesn’t want anything to do with me. We are always going to lose our house and everything but they don’t care until they’re about to come take it and that’s when they get worried. My mom doesn’t spend any time with me and its like she hates me. I really hate her.People say its just because I’m a teenager and whatever but with all she has put me through and still puts me through, I hate her with everything I have. She stays gone at my uncle’s bar all the time when she is home from her job. (she dries a semi truck) They expect me to get good grades and stuff in school and keep a straight head on my shoulders but it is so hard when I have all this to come home to! I hate my life so bad! I’m always sad and I’m not happy like someone my age should be. I don’t drink or do drugs. (Which is a good thing) But I also never go out with my friends and stuff because I can never take my mind off of what is going on at home! Please help me! What can I do?

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