Open Question: Spiritually speaking: If your spouse is addicted to cocaine is divorce inevitable?

I meant to disappear off the face of R&S earth but I had to ask…

I’m curious as to mostly the Christians’ response on this b/c I know how divorce is frowned upon in this particular religious circle. I welcome any and all responses however, and thank you for taking the time to read.

In a nutshell, here is the scenario:

Found out over the weekend, my husband of 9 yrs is still using cocaine after pathologically lying that he stopped.
He’s gone to NA and continues with this habit. We have 2 young children who worship their dad and although I’m grateful he gets along so well with them, it makes the process of separation that much more hellish.
He cooks, he cleans, he is a very involved parent, and I know he loves his children and me. I’ve always been faithful and supportive of him when he’s gone to his programs, keeping it a secret and offering encouragement.
He’s a politician and is well respected in our community, however, I can certainly hold my own financially if I finally make the decision to leave him and begin the whole ugly process.

Some say these addictions are a form of disease and I wouldn’t leave him if he had cancer, etc…….I understand that, but at the risk of sounding selfish, I am not in love with this man any longer no matter how wonderful everyone sees him or how much his children love him. I am still young and don’t want to waste any more years with him. This habit has eroded any respect I’ve had for him and frankly, I can’t bare his touch.

When is enough really enough within a marriage when the children are fine but one of the parents is losing her mind? He’s gone to meetings, begged, threatened…….I told him he can’t force me to feel anything towards him but disgust and civility. When my children are around I try to be more loving towards him but he knows it’s a show, they can’t tell the insincerity.

Obviously, I’m lonely as hell and I don’t want to break my childrens heart. I’ve already sacrificed much of my life so they can remain stable and happy and I’m apprehensive of turning their world upside down without making certain I’ve gone through all of my options in healing our marriage.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with spouses within their marriage and how did you handle it.

I’m full of typos, and I don’t care. Thanks for listening.
I am a Christian, just a different breed of the norm
((((((AZ)))))) You just warmed my heart, thank you :)
(((got air))) (((inbetweendays)))
*gasp* There will be NO skimming of any of my queries!

At least I can still laugh…

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