Open Question: Should Salvia be illegal?

I’m 17 and have done Salvia Divinorum. I have smoked weed as well, but as many educated peers these days that i know also stick to organic stuff like marijuana, salvia, and maybe shrooms if theyre daring enough to break the law to that extent. (I personally don’t involve myself with anything that’s not decriminalized. DEFINITELY, no cocaine, crack, acid, pcp, meth, heroine, ecstasy…. none of that shit. Those drugs are what will turn you into a real dysfunctional person.) I’m not a “Salvia-head”, and even though i have a job, i definitely wont spend all my money on Salvia and can prioritize my paycheck money with ease. I’m not addicted at all. Rarely, maybe when i do have spendable money, i will start to smoke Salvia since i can buy an ounce online incredibly cheap, mostly just to sell since it’s not only legal, but unbelievably overpriced in stores. I mean it’s not dealing if you’re selling legal herbs right? My question is should it be?

I mean, if you have the information on it, that its a psychoactive herb that can alter your vision and whatnot slightly, making you “trip” i mean how many people are gonna spark up their bongs/bubblers(which can get pretty big and teteous to do on-the-go..) on their way to work in the car? i mean really public use should be illegal like public intoxication but to a much higher penalty, but really it has no addicting chemicals in it, and if u wanna talk about addiction im talking about withdrawal symptoms after “quitting” or “stopping” not addiction like how i could live off pizza every meal. Should it be illegal? I think 18 and up should be the age, like cigarettes. I figure the govt. should just tax it and maybe try to regulate it. But banning it is not the answer, as i feel like it has slightly allowed me to think completely out of the box 100x easier. Embrace, don’t hate, USA. What do you guys think?

And if you would like to talk about past experiences id like to hear about people who’ve done it more than once. The first time was a shock to me too, that that kind of legal herb could do such things to my mind when ingested. But after the next few times i got used to NOT being in full control for a bit and it got a lot better just watching the visions create themselves. Humans have smoked herbs socially and for recreational purposes for centuries… why should we stop now? Free time is free time. I like finally having something fun to do that doesn’t harm anyone.

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