Open Question: should i just let her know she is a skumbag?

i met this broad in a recovery group, she gave me a ride home one night,. and offered me to stay a few nights until i get my feet on the ground.this was fine, until i noticed she wanted more than “just to help me out”..she wanted me!!now i am in NO WAY attracted to her, and by my actions… i think she knew this… i even had to tell her i had a blood disorder(this was a lie, but i needed to let her know i WAS NOT interested)HERES WHERE IT GETS FUNNY…. i had told her some stories about how im sober, but my cousin was still active with his addiction(cocaine)and that i reside in his home.. and she responded with anger towards him.. and towards me , that i was living there, and not with her..she had made a statement saying how she could make his life miserable, and i was just thinking , just because I would not sleep with her, she was willing to go to great lengths to actually make this guys life miserable(WHHHYYY???) A WEEK LATER my cousins house was raided, and was charged with a miniscule amount of cocaine residue on a piece of tinfoil.i knew she called the police because when i went to her house(and looked thru her phone)and seen all the cxalls back and forth to the police dept,(right around the time he was arrested.) why?why? why? would someone do this(just because she did not get what she wanted)

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