Open Question: Sex with an Aries Ex. I need advice. What is the success rate?

Okay, this is a complicated situation. I’m going to try to explain it as thoroughly as possible. Please try and give me sound advice, I need your help. Okay, here we go…..

Me and my Aries exboyfriend broke up in the beginning of January 2008, we had started in November 2006, and he is an Aries. You know how perfectly Leo & Aries go together, right? Well, this really was perfect. Our relationship was like a dream, and when we broke up it was a crushing heartbreak for me and him. But you know how Aries is, once they have their head set on a decision, that’s that. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Anyway, he had cheated on me the previous August, which I had no idea about until a few months after we broke up. I must tell you that I have cheated before, on a different boyfriend before him, that I broke up with, and although I would never cheat again, I realize that it’s just sex. When he told me, he informed me that it never changed his feelings for me, he had always loved me and it truely was just sex. I was accepting of the news after a day of my head exploding, realizing that I was always willing to have an open relationship and still am. I know who I am, and I love myself. I’m a very free person, I’m bisexual, and I realize that sex is completely seperate from love. I also realized that during that Summer, I had broken up with him once and begged for him back hours later, which also may have caused him to feel like he wasn’t in the dream relationship he thought he had been in, and that in itself may have gave him incentive to cheat. You don’t betray an Aries like that, you must expect a backlash of some sort.

So anyway, I was his friend for a year before we formed a relationship in the first place, and when we started hanging out every day and falling in love in the Summer of 2006, I helped him leave his addiction to cocaine. He was clean for the whole year and four months we were together, but during the last month of our relationship, he started sniffing pills, and shortly after, he ended it with me. He has spent the last 9 months with this new girl Victoria he met shortly after me, an Aquarious who sniffs pills and has sex with him. Their addictions feed off of each others, and he’s lost in a miserable fog, he’s even lost his glow. For the first week or two after our break-up, I tried to help him realize what he was doing. But when you tell an Aries “No, don’t do this to yourself”, they’ll want to do it even more. The more I pushed, the more he pulled away, and the more he became involved in his filthy addiction that he still can’t break. I realized there was nothing I could do, that he wouldn’t let me in, even just to help, because this Aries man didn’t want my help anymore. I know our golden one year and four months was a light in his life that he’ll never forget, and neither will I. So I let him go in my daily life, but not in my heart, and I’ve had my fun with several different Pisces & more Aries men. I started making music, which is really fantastic and people love it, I have a great job and I’m getting 4.0’s in pretty much all of my classes. I am a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman, and I don’t doubt myself. But he’s always been there in my heart and I feel he’s the one. Subconsciously, he’s always been there. I thought I was alone in this, but after every few weeks of silence I’d get a call from him. In May, he called me because he needed to know that I still loved him, and that I was still his baby. After two hours of a conversation that felt like we had never left each other, a few more weeks in silence went by. A few times, we had made quick escape time for each other, just to catch up and see how each other was doing. Although the song has ended, the melody still lingers on.

Last night is the real question I have. He has a girlfriend, and I’ve done all I could to respect that. But last night, when I picked him up for a quick get together to catch up and have a conversation, he told me to shut off the radio, that he just wanted to hear my voice. Then, shortly afterwards, he took my hand and put it on his penis for me to feel that it was erect. I pulled back, and laughed hysterically. Because I thought, at this point, we were clearly just friends who loved each other. Then he asked me, “Why did you want to see me so bad?”. And I said, “Because I missed you. What other reason?”. And he was like, “There must be another reason.” Then I said, “So, what do you want to hear?”. He then whipped out his dick, which made me laugh even harder. This was completely out of the blue, and he hasn’t done anything like this any of the other times that we had made quick time to get togther. So then he was like, “Does this make you uncomfortable?”. I said something along the lines of, “Honestly, no. I’ve seen that thing so many times”, and continued to laugh. He was persistent, and kept insisting and insisting. We were flirting uncontrollably and the desire was buliding up, finally it
( for some reason it got cut off). it happened. Now, I know the answer is to just to live my life how I’ve been living it, having fun and being my independent self, and that time will only tell. Do Aries men ever come back? And if they do, is it just for sex or do they know better than that? The general question is… Do Aries men fall back in love with their ex’s, ever?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Its actually funny cause when i started reading this, i got swept up in your story. the first guy i ever loved was an aries and i just think its so interesting how similar the patterns of their behavior are. the aries boy that i knew once said to me “nothing is permanent”. and that was quite possibly the worst thing you can say to someone who still loves you because you leave hope in their heart. an open door for them to return. The truth is, aries men are always looking for something, and if you can satisfy that hungriness for that time period then your it. The relationship he shares with victoria comes off as artificial to me. the girlfriends that throw you into bad behaviors never really last. thats a phase. Do aries men ever come back? i just think this question solely depends on the person involved. why did you guys breakup? and how quickly did he stop fighting for you? Regardless, i don’t like the idea of sitting there waiting for someone to return cause as much as you say you love freely, i feel like your tied down emotionally.

  2. a says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Well I had the same situation too. I am a leo who was with an Aries man, he cheated and I think there were other women too. I couldn’t let it go we argued because of his behavior trust was lost. I was there for him when he was a his lowest, helped him rebuild himself resume, then got job, drivers lic, had health and car insurance, bank account, etc something these other chicks were gonna help him do.

    I was pregnant 3 times had 2 miscarriages(he seemed really upset w/ the 2 miscarriages) still tried to get me pregnant and it happened no complications the last pregnancy well he didn’t seem to want it and asked me to have an abortion. I was devastated. Well I said ok but you have to leave 10/26/2011, he was starting to spend nites out and not come home anyway. So I let him go…

    Well about a month goes by….he calls i ignore then I cave in and talk he asks me about the abortion and says he wants to cry and he is sorry. He said he missed me and what if we gave it another shot…I was soo happy when he said that, but confused. I sent him couple emails that that until ur ready to try again and are serious then don’t call me. Then I sent couple emails that were mean because I am hurt by how he is treating me…I asked him if he lived w/ a woman he said not but i dunno i am kind of thinking that might not be true…

    Closer to Xmas we talk….He says he is coming over (he had someones car but not sure whose it was he doesn’t have one- he said it was his grandmas but not sure if that is true)….He does and we had sex…If he has a girl he was with me from 7pm to 8:30 next morning which was then xmas eve…He said he had to go and said he would come over on xmas day…Never showed called nothing…So i sent mean txts and emails, because I was sooo hurt…I mean why talk about getting back together or coming over for xmas and not do any of these things?? I mean he owes me nothing–if it was just bout sex he didn’t have to say when leaving Ill be here xmas and surely didn’t have to say what if he wanted to get back together?? He didn’t have to say any of those things….So ever since xmas no call no nothing…I am so heart broken…I did send him an email saying sorry for the angry/mean txts and emails but I did it because I was lashing out in anger for not coming for xmas & wanting to get back with me (which i guess that was a lie)….I haven’t heard from him since the day day before xmas..I am so hurt and I wish he would come back…but I guess he is gone.. I guess he didn’t really mean the things he said….This really hurts!!

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