Open Question: Serious life or death situation please PLEASE help me with this guy? ?

Ok this is long but i am begging you, if you are a rational person who has made smart decisions, help me. It would mean so much.

So basically i met this guy and he is a really messed up person, like he is a druggie and has had an entirely messed up life so far.. He was adopted and beat by his parents all his life and when he reached 14 years of age he started doing all sorts of drugs. He has done everything, from cocaine to heroine, he has done it all. He has been to jail, stolen for his addictions, lived on the street for years when he was just a teen, gone to rehab six times and lost nine of his close friends in the past couple of years only to drugs, even his very best friend. Even his close family and friends say there is nothing anyone can do for him. But i fell in love with him and he has too and he is ADDICTED and HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM and even admits it but won’t get help because he doesn’t believe in rehab since it never worked for him. He only believes in drugs because he says that no matter what they will be the only SURE THING to stay FOREVER in his life. Basically, he is addicted and really messed up. He says he wants to die and find peace because he is sick of life and stuff… He says he will FOR SURE die of drugs because that is how he has always been. He wants to die. Literally. And i just do not have a clue what to do for him. I have tried so hard. Now the questions….

What can i do??
Can i do anything at all??
If so, what? What can i do or say or please just give me any advice….
He is pulling me down under but he does NOT mean it…
I just don’t know how to find the strength to do anything….
PLEASE anyone help?

Most of all be serious….

Thanks so much :’/

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