Open Question: Random questions. Answer please? (:?

Cool, I’m glad I have no life & just sit on
Yahoo Answers all night. (:
ah ha, I just think it’s pretty tight to see what people have to say about
certain things.
Like eggnog! who likes eggnog?
I love it! (:
do you?

Who on here smokes cigarettes?
How hard is it to try to quit.
& is anyone addicted to sex?

BTW:I learned, addiction is not a chemical or anything in your
brain. it’s an actually DISEASE. It’s one of the worst.
& drugs like Cocaine & Heroine aren’t really addicting.
They just make you want to get higher.
The real addiction is sex.
Any doctor will tell you.
Sorry I’m rambling! (: ANSWER! (:
haha, no where in here did I state I was addicted to any of these.
My boyfriend just got me on cigarettes, but now I have to quit, since I might be preggers.
& I do smoke weed, occasionally. Not anymore though. (:
Sex, Is my addiction though.:/

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