Open Question: Please help save my 19 year old sister’s life ?

Where to begin…

My sister has been diagnosed with multi personality disorder, an eating disorder, drug abuse, borderline personality and at this point, may have a mental disfunction. Anything she eats, she purges down the toilet.

She has been in and out of rehab for crack cocaine addiction twice.

I just got off the phone with her and I think she is going to attempt suicide. My parents have tried everything with her – love, tough love and kicked her out of the house (more times than I can count).

My parents and I just don’t know what there is left to do at this point. They have tried every doctor, every rehabilitation (my sister has been flown to florida, had interventions and been out on the streets homeless… ) She has been put in rooms that prevent people from killing themselves…

I could list everything we’ve done to try to help her but I think the only thing we haven’t tried is shutting her out of our lives completely. It would be hard for a parent/brother to do that (knowing that she might kill herself) but it seems it is the only thing left, is for her to deal with everything on her own. Anyone think that is a bad idea?

At this point she has nowhere to stay tonight (my parents kicked her out of the house again today)… If she lives at home my parents go insane, my parents get no sleep and their health suffers (I almost feel as though each day my sister is at home results in a year knocked off my parents life)…

Any suggestions, anything – please help I don’t want to lose my sister.

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