Open Question: Please Help! Health Study Guide! Homework Help?!?

I have a study giude to do and we had to return our books and I have 128 questions left and google isnt much help! So please answer what you can I have to get back to work!

1) What factors can affect how a medicine works for a person?

2) What are OTC drugs? Gice some examples.

3) Write out the path to drug addiction.

4) Why is alcohol considered a drug?

5) What are some short and long term effects of alcohol?

6) The number one cause of death for teens in the U.S. is _?

7) What are some easily avoidable causes of death that are common in the U.S.?

8) What hamper’s the blood’s ability to carry oxygen in a smoker?

9) What are some effects of using smokeless tobacco?

10) Tobacco smoke not only paralyzes bit kills its _?

11) What is sidestream smoke? Can people develop diseases from it? What diseases?

12) What are some long and short term effects of tobacco use?

13) How do different companies encourage teens to use tobacco?

14) What are some costs of using tobacco?

15) Why does the risk of infectious disease increase with drug use?

16) Name some reasons that people use drugs.

17) Explain why teens are at a higher risk of using illegal drugs?

18) What can happen to a person after they begin drug use?

19) Anabolic steriods cause what effect in men? Women?

20) Methamphetamine users often expierence what effects?

21) What is a flashback? What drug is largely associated with flashbacks?

22) Explain the differences between cocaine and crack cocaine?

23) What are some of the most serious dangers of heroin?

24) How can a person avoid drugs?

25) How are infectious diseases spread?

26) What causes infectious disease?

27) Name some sommon examples of infectious diseases?

28) What foods can cause food poisening through salmonella bacteria?

29) What is immunity? How does it work?

30) Name and explain the body’s last line of defense against infection. (It is a body system!)

31) What are some organisms that can cause disease?

32) Name some infectious diseases that are caused by a virus that have no vaccine?

33) What causes the diseases ringworm and athlete’s foot?

34) What is the difference between controllable and uncontrollable risk factor? Give three examples of each.

35) Name three diseases that are classified as cardiovascular?

36) How can a person know if they have cardiovascular disease? How can a person protect themselves from getting it?

37) What is considered to be normal blood pressure reading? High? Low?

38) Explain what a stroke is.

39) What is cancer? What causes it?

40) What is the difference between a malignant and a benign tumor?

41) What is insulin? Explain how it works in the body?

42) Hiw is insulin related to diabetes?

43) What is a hereditary disease?

44) Explain what allergies are, and what causes them?

45) What is ADA and how does it help people?

46) Explain what is a single-gene disease is.

47)Explain how immune disorders and autoimmune disorders are related.

48) What is chromosonal disease? Give an example of one.

49) What is an example of an immune disorder that constricts the airways and causes them to become clogged with mucus?

50) What is gene therapy?

51) List some myths that people have developed over the years about disabilities.

52) How does sperm leave the male body?

53) What is the function of the testes?

54) Give the definitions of the following: fertilization; ejaculation; ovulation.

55) What is testosterone? What does it do?

56) The male reproductive system is responsible for producing and delivering what?

57) Where does an embryo go after it is in the fallopian tube?

58) Name the main organs of the female reproductive system.

59) How is genital herpes treated?

60) What causes genital herpes?

61) Which STD is spreading at the fastest rate in the U.S. amongst the 15-19 year old population/

62) Name some effects a female expirences from being a pregnant teen?

63) Explain some effects of gonorrhea.

64) What is PID? How is it spread? Who is affected by it?

65) What is chlamydia? What causes it?

66) What are some signs of genital herpes?

67) How can a person find out if they have an STD?

68) What is AIDS? What are some effects of the disease?

69) What does the HIV virus destroy?

70) Explain what happens during the different phases of HIV infection.

71) How is HIV transmitted?

72) How do doctors determine if a person is HIV positive? What specifically do they look for?

73) How is HIV treated?

74) What does HIV usually affect?

75) What should a person do if they think that may be infected with HIV?

76) Explain how the effectiveness of a male condom can be increased.

77) What are birth control pills and how do they work?

78) What is sterilization?

79) Why is the “withdrawal method” not an effective form of pregnancy prevention?

80) What is a barrier contracept

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