Open Question: My wife, Cheryl, has been giving our niece and her friend cocaine…?

My wife, Cheryl, suffers from a cocaine addiction and has recently began offering some to our 17-year-old niece, Mel. Mel lives with us. She grew up in the ghetto, attended a mainly black school, and doesn’t know any better than to accept. Recently, she began offering some to our niece’s 16-year-old friend, Elisa, who has always been a straight A student and rather lovely girl. I’m afraid all this… using… in my house will end very badly. So, today, Cheryl and I began fighting about it. I then asked her to follow me into the bathroom, so that Melanie wouldn’t hear our argument. As Cheryl stepped into the bathroom, I waltzed out and locked the door. She has been trapped in there for about 4 hours. I am thinking about what I should do. Should I call the cops? Talk to her? What would you do?

Thank you,
Uncle Vern.

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