Open Question: My memory is terrible and i’m worried its normal!?

For the last few years my memory seems to have got gradually worse and worse and especially so in the last 6 months. I don’t know if its because at the minute im suffering slightly from stress and anxiety and I have a few obsessive tendencies and neurosis too (yes I know im a bit of a mess!). Anyway I think it could be because of that but also a few years ago I struggled with a very minor drug addiction with ecstasy and cocaine. I wouldn’t have the cocaine on a very regular basis like some people but it would usually be every weekend or every other weekend and ecstasy I would take about 2-3 nights a week for at least a year-18 months. I know ecstasy has short term affects but this was about 2 years ago. Its starting to worry me a bit because it seems to be getting a lot worse. A few examples:

I’ll go to the toilet and then as soon as ive ahem finished etc. I seem to sort of go into a daze then ill snap out of it and then I cant remember whether ive actually been to the loo so ill have to sit back down again!

I’ll turn the tv off when im leaving the house and go into another room then ill walk back into the room and turn it on again and then realise what ive just done.

I’ll be told a name or be given an instruction and then literally about 5 seconds later ill forget what ive just been told.

I cant remember what I did last week like ill have to concentrate so hard to try and remember where I was and who I was with etc.

Ill be sat in a room and think right I need to go to the kitchen to get a drink so ill walk into the kitchen and straight away have no idea why im in there.

Anyway I dont know if this is normal and im just going through a bad phase or if ive screwed myself over by taking drugs orr if I should go and see the doctor? Thanks for your advice.

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