Open Question: My husband is addicted to everything?

I love him and he’s a good man but he can get addicted to anything and its crazy. Its gotten way worse for about 6 months now. He changes his addictions all the time too.

Sometimes its chocolate, or taco bell burritos, or peanut butter cups, or toy cars, or dog collars, or stickers, or xbox games. Once about 4 years ago it was cocaine but now he does not do drugs.

When he gets addicted to a new thing he thinks about it all the time, and has to have news ones everyday, and is totally overhelmed with the thing, even if there is no money in the budget to buy the things he will not pay a bill in order to get it. Imagine not paying a bill because you want peanut butter cups….???? He already sees a psyciatrist.

I’m so sad. He loves me so much but I think I’m crazy for staying with him.
he does not work because he is disabled from an eye injury. He used to draw diagrams but cant do that anymore. I dont mind the xbox addiction except that he spends alot of money on the games. he is buying too many…..

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