Open Question: My girlfriend’s not who I thought she was. I found out about her addictions and therapy?

My gf went on a trip to visit her family out of the country and she has cat and asked me to “pet sit”. So anyway I went to find the cat after it ran her bedroom (the cat is spoiled thus will starve unless you put the food right in front of it). The cat had jumped on the desk and knocked everything off. While I was putting everything back on the desk, I found these papers that were apparently from her therapist or something like that. To sum it up: I didn’t even know one thing about her that was written there. (Yes, I know I shouldn’t have read it in the first place). I didn’t know she was in therapy. Also in the papers, it said she had problems with things like cocaine addiction, sex addiction, self mutilation, major problems with her family and she’s been on so much medication and such. In the papers, it mentioned she cheated in her relationships (but didn’t specify which so I don’t know if ours is included). My gf doesn’t act like she has any of those problems at all. I feel like I’ve been lied to or she doesn’t trust me enough to tell me about any of this. I don’t know whether to confront her on it or what. What should I do? Please help. Thanks.

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