Open Question: love and addiction. can we ever be happy together or am i being stupid considering my future this way….?

been with my bf 2 years and live together.

we have a very passionate love that is very overpowering and strong.

never loved anyone so much and i know he loves me too.

he is a talented handsome man who keeps our home lovely and nice. BUT he has an addiction.

to crack cocaine.

this happens when he has enough money. its a deep rooted problem, he turned to drugs when his mum died and members of his family died.

that was 20 years ago and still he uses crack. he returns to me and is always sorry. and scared that im going to leave him.

its such an extreme as you would NEVER EVER think that my lovely man uses drugs. noone ever guesses because he is so normal in every other way. he makes me so mad sometimes. i have never taken drugs- i am against them.

this makes it hard for me to try and see what i should do.

can i accept that he may never stop taking drugs and that it will be apart of our lives?

do i walk away from the man i deeply love and is great in all other ways?

what if i leave and never meet anyone i love in this way again?

i know you will say leave, but its not that easy or simple. we have a home together and love each othe. sometimes it seems like our love is so overpowering, it is all i think about.

any positive constructive thoughts or advice?

really need your help as i cant talk to many people about this. so i am hoping to gather advice from here.

kind regards

louise from england xxx

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