Open Question: Is it possible to get my friend help?

I have a friend who is just going down hill. For the sake of this question, I will refer to him as Eric. I have known Eric for years. He has always been a pot head. Last year, I heard that he was getting into cocaine. A friend of mine and I had attempted to intervene. This intervention led to his mother discovering a baggie of cocaine in his room.

Any way, it seems he has overdosed on heroin and ended up in the hospital. I am very concerned about this person. I have not hung out with him for quite sometime because I don’t want to be adversely influenced by him, but I want him to get help. I talked to him today and he was completely in denial of his problem. It was like I was arguing with the addiction as opposed to him personally. I feel that the only way he would ever get help would be if it had the force of law behind it.

My question is really. Should I speak to him probation officer and try to get him so help or would he most likely just end up in jail? Would it be morally wrong to speak to his PO behind his back? What if it made the difference between his life or death?

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