Open Question: I Have a Yahoo Group for Women with drug addiction who need support to quit. Anyone interested?

MY group is called jenns_phenomenal_women and I would love to have some members who can also help me. I want everyone in the group to be supportive, caring and understanding to other women with addiction. I want women with any addiction to join; herion, narcotic painkillers, cocaine, etc. All of the women can help each other when anyone is on the verge of a relapse or if you are too scared to go to an NA meeting.

Thank you, and I hope to get some members. As of yet nobody has joined my group, and I am starting to give up on myself. If you want to join, simply reply to my question, and I will send you an invite. Hope to hear from all you phenomenal women soon!
If you cannot be contacted via email, just drop me a line. I can be contacted via email.

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