Open Question: I feel so bad about walking away, should I?

This guy is on cocaine and I knew when I met him cos he opened up about his problems a lot. I knew I couldn’t get romantically involved with him but I started liking him. We texted everyday, he started calling and we even made plans to meet. He asked me out a few times and I told him he had to stop the drugs etc and he still asked the last time we met. We talked for 4 hours that day and at the end he asked me out again and he could see how confused I was. Yesterday when we were texting he asked if he could call and I thought I should set this straight. I am scared of gettong close to people either way and that seemed as the bigger issue so I told him that we should just be friends and he was like what’s wrong with him and I explained to him that I’m really scared that’s why I didn’t have a relationship before…and he agreed we just going to be good friends and if he gets a girl he’ll talk to me about it. I regret walking away like that but i have issues getting close to people and he has addictions, that’s disaster right. I don’t know if i’ll find a man now, especially one who would break through the fear. And it’s going to hurt when he finds another girl, but I did what I had to right?

I told him he can still call but I’m just setting it so he knows where we stand
He was depressed yesterday and told me he is glad I said no because he would have really hurt me, when he met me he thought he changed but he hasn’t and can’t. He has addictive personality and is a hectic player or was

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