Open Question: I am gay and would like to know if I should feel sad for him?

I am 45 and met Lucas about 3 years ago. He was 24. I have a good job and make good money so I think that’s all he liked about me. We dated for a while and he moved in with me only a few months after we started dating. He lost his job shortly after he moved in with me but since I don’t have money problems, I told him to take some time off. I would lend him my credit card and he would take huge amounts of money and buy useless stuff that was very expensive. Mainly clothes for himself. He spent all my savings quickly and would wait for me to get my paycheck to buy him more stuff. I started having money problems, which caused me to lose my car and lots of stuff. We lost a lot of things and next thing I knew, he was leaving me for my friend, who has more money than me. My friend, though, only wanted him for sex because he is very attractive and left him after three weeks. I then learnt he had not lost his job, but had quit. He begged me to take him back after my friend left him but I said no. He then threatened to start rumours about me and destroy my reputation. I still said no. He told all my friend I had a cocaine addiction, actually gave himself a black eye and said I had done it and hurt himself, saying it was me. I told my friend he was a liar, but many didn’t believe me and I lost them. I heard he now lives in a poor neighbourhood alone and has a heroin problem. Should I feel sad for him? Because I don’t at all. Would you?

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