Open Question: How to Convince My Friend to Stop Using Cocaine?

A really really good friend of mine does Cocaine. And I really want him to stop because its endangering his health and killing his brain. He’s 17 right now, and I believe hes been using for at LEAST 3 years. Hes tried to quit twice and only made it to 5 days without using again. He really wants to quit too but I dont think he has the motivation for it. I want to tell him something that will get his brain thinking on how much his addiction is hurting me. Something including how he could die and how much pain that would cause me and his family and friends (real friends) around him. Like a letter that would bring him to tears. Something really powerful. If you could kindly help me, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
(Oh, and if you could give me some tips to help him quit. Hes not gonna go to rehab. Is there any way he can quit just at home?? Any methods?? Please and thanks!)
He does care that if hes hurting me. I just need something that will really really convince him.
I’ll try and tell him how much it hurts me to hear that he’s been using and see how that goes. :]

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