Open Question: how much does it take to get addicted?

recently i have done some percocets and cocaine. its been the past couple weeks. now i made the decision to stop and go clean (go me!) only now i feel totally crappy. would it be possible that i’m already addicted? my family has a history of addictions (tobacco and alcohol), and i’m addicted to tobacco. i’m tired, angry, and always feel like crying. the anger usually seems to win over the crying though. i also crave…not sure which one, but i crave something. i never felt like this when i was doing that stuff.
any insight on this would be appreciated.
to clarify, i did coke once, stopped for a few months, and just recently started doing a line of coke every few hours. mix that with snorting about one pill(not sure on the mg, 500 maybe?)a day and thats where i’ve been.

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