Open Question: how do you know when social cocaine use becomes an addiction?

what are some warning signs – i use cocaine, merely just to “wake up” once in awhile…i dont spend money i dont have, i dont trade off bills or food or anything for it, i only do it when i have the extra money. but sometimes when i buy it, i plan to save it to last me awhile, but once i do a line or two, its like, 2 hours later im still doin rails.

obviously it is a problem if you are choosing cocaine over like, the electric bill, but im not like that. what are some red flags that its getting out of control, BEFORE it gets out of control? i take counseling, i am a 22 year old widow, and it just helps me make it through the day a little easier. my counselor and i discuss it, medication is not an option, as i have tried it all, and none have worked. this is the only thing that has ever helped me to feel better and have more energy to actually get things done.

btw, please dont preach, i really cannot stand that. i have good reasons as to why i use it, dont judge me.

thank you!

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