Open Question: HELP! how do I stop my friend before she gets a cocaine addiction?!?

my friend started doing coke July 2008, since then she’s done it about 10 times, So it really hasn’t become too big of a problem… YET. the only advice I can find is people saying let her hit rock bottom and stuff like that. shes only 16 and shes only been doing it for a few months and I don’t want to see her go through that. Is there something I can do before she gets too bad and really has a bad addiction?

she says she doesn’t have a problem and can stop whenever she wants. she gets mad whenever I tell her to stop. me and my friend really want her to. she’s not in denial.. she relizes its affecting her relationships ( lost a friend), and she knows how bad it is. what can i tell her? and what should I do??

also her parents found some coke in her room and now she goes to meetings for coke addicts, but she said she didn’t feel like she belonged there and it didn’t help whatso ever(everyone was in there 30’s+ and totally brain dead)

ALSO ( don’t beat me up about this:( .. but we’re kinda stoner buddies. does she have to quit weed to quit coke? because I would be willing to stop smoking weed(with her) completely.

how do I stop my friend before she gets a cocaine addiction?!?

thanks guys!

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