Open Question: going back to rehab, am i making the right decision?

i am 18, ill be 19 in april and have been struggling with a severe drug addiction for the past 5 years. i have been battling this and never seem to win. a week ago i was thrown out of my house that was followed by a drunken brawl with my brother. my mother gave me 3 options, go to rehab – then home, go to my grandmas or back to my dads. my grandma is requiring rehab aswell. i chose rehab. i filled out an online assessment now i am waiting for my phone call from them. i am chosing to go back to the one i was at 2 years ago because they know me and my history. i can b.s. my way through it that way.

my drugs of choice are painkillers – severe addiction anywhere from 5 to 15 pills a day mainly percocet and morphine
cocaine and alcohol

the cocaine and alcohol arent as frequent…
my question is do you think i am making the right decision to go? i am doin it regardless but do you think its the right choice?

i am going to white deer run in allenwood pa

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