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young people today like to experiment with drugs and alcohol. this is bad for the health and sometimes people die. children need to be taught about drugs and their effects early on to discourage the use of them. the most common drug is cannabis and people believe it has no bad effects.
however it can cause memory loss and loss of concentration and much more,, the legalisation of the drug would mean more people would use it and i think it is bad.
many users would like it to be a legal drug however these soft drugs may lead people onto harder substances like heroine and cocaine which are much worse for the health. If it was legalised there would have to be an age limit of 21 as it can cause harm just like regular smoking. Cancer of the lungs is possible and addiction to the drug may occur. It would only cost the government more to legalise the drug and I think it is a waste of public money. Also just because it is legal it doesn’t mean it is safe.
To conclude I think it should be kept as an illegal substance and its use should be discouraged due to its unhealthy side affects.

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