Open Question: Drugs abuse and children?

OK, I just got this to my head and got this question about it. OK, I don’t know If you guys know that when couples that do drugs (Cocaine, pot, etc.) when they decide to have a baby they stop smoking or sniffing for a while, specially the female.

Now, My question is. If a teen born from a father and a mother that were pot heads or crackheads or whatever, he (The boy) does drugs, is there a chance that the addiction gets to him faster than a normal teen who’s parents were never using any drugs?

I mean they stopped using the drug to have the child but I personally doubt that it works like that, a life time doing drugs and just because they stop doing it for a few weeks to have the child, don’t mean that they are consequence free.

Will the teen have a larger percentage of becoming an addict faster than any other drug abuser?

Also how will the parent’s drug abuse will affect him, other than the bad example they are giving the boy.

thankx in advance. :)
you didn’t understand the questions..

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