Open Question: Does cocaine amplifies ur feelings, makes u confident about them or makes you think u have some?

Hi there, I’m still trying to figure out about the connection between cocaine addiction and feelings.I am wondering, after a lot of researches on blogs and professional sites that do analysis w dopamine, etc., if coke can makes you think you are in love or if it amplifies or gives u the strenght to say it bcuz u feel better w urself(bcuz someone I know has a low self-esteem and feels bad w himself when he’s not on coke) OR, does cocaine absolutely kill ur emotions and makes you dead inside????

I am confused with all those debates… I would like some answers from people who has done it before or does it right now or had analuzed their true feelings w it..
Thanks for all ur intelligent answers!

I just found this article: When you fall in love, “exactly the same system becomes active as when you take cocaine. You can feel intense elation when you’re in love. You can feel intense elation when you’re high on cocaine.”
Then, why does a person would need a girlfriend or boyfriend if they have cocaine? And then, knowing this, why a person would tell u he or she loves you if he already has coke?

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