Open Question: Do you think that it’s wrong to imprison drug addicts rather than treat them for their addiction?

We lock up the cocaine and heroin addicts among others with the murderers and rapists. Rather than giving these non-violent drug offenders treatment in rehab, we treat them on the same par as a serial rapist. Do you think this is wrong? Why or why not?

Also, consider this before answering. What if we all woke up one day and tobacco and cigarettes were outlawed? And all those addicted to them had to buy them from dealers on the black market. Then all those who smoked to feed their addiction were thrown in prison for years rather than be treated to get rid of their addiction. Would THAT be okay?
Well, How it is, let’s add to this. Is it also right to imprison them for putting a substance into their OWN bodies without harming anyone else? Why or why not?
Blas: The cigarette scenario is an example. Tobacco is a drug, but what if was treated the same? How would you feel then? Of course it’s not going to become illegal. There’s too much money in the industry.

As for rehab costing money. What if instead of the yearly $45,000 put towards keeping said addict in jail was instead put towards cleaning him up in rehab?
Blas, you would rather these people you know who have died from addiction rot in prison where drugs are potentially available, then be sent for treatment in rehab. Addiction isn’t as easy as “I don’t want to quit”, or “I don’t feel like it.” People struggle long and hard with it, and often can’t beat it. As you said, rehab costs money. But if it was paid for by the government we could have so many more functioning members of society who have beaten their addiction, rather than inmates who are likely to use again after getting out of prison, or even while in prison. Wouldn’t you rather your money go towards helping these people clean up their lives than leaving them to sit in a prison cell?

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