Open Question: Do you ever feel utterly hopeless?

I do – I want to return to the ocean where my heart truly belongs.

About 18 months ago I decided to leave the sea and embark on a new life on dry land. To be honest it was the cocaine which tempted me to leave. (I wont bore you with my addiction issues right now)

I don’t have use of my legs anymore after I hacked them off with a meat cleaver (but that’s another story) and yes before you ask, I know i’m a monk fish so technically I shouldn’t have any legs, but I was born ‘different’. So these days I get around on an electric wheelchair.

Last night after drinking 2 bottles of gin I decided to make my escape to the ocean. I say ‘escape’ because I live in a high rise block of flats and teenage yobs patrol the main entrance. Most days I am too frightened to leave.
Well anyway last night I had the courage and disembarked on my little adventure to get back to the sea again in one piece (well what’s left of me because I also dissolved my nose with acid 3 days ago)

If you want to hear what happened next stay tuned, oh that’s right, no one cares do they? Oh good god I hate my life.

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