Open Question: Did I do the right thing – Advice please?

Sorry for how long this is, please bear with me…I have an old friend I hadn’t been in touch with for years, who got hold of me on Facebook, and when I got back to the UK after traveling around Asia for a year we got together for a drink. He was a hectic cocaine addict, living with a sweet, but not particularly pretty (and his type is pretty!) woman who went into serious debt to feed his habit. Shortly after I saw him again she finally broke up with him – he wasn’t working, he was always asking her for money, he was using every week, and the final straw was he went to jail for a driving offense for a week. He had nowhere else to go, when she threw him out so I took him in under the conditions that he cleaned himself up and got a job. He has been going to Narcotics Anonymous for four months now, he’s had a job for most of that time, he’s not in touch with the dodgy old friends he had before – so he is doing very well. His ex girlfriend can’t seem to let go though – she calls him constantly (one day she called 40 times!) she tries to create drama, and bitches to me about what a waste he was, but to him she’s all “I just want the best for you, I will always love you” blah blah. He has told me he never loved her, but she enabled his addiction and he doesn’t really want to stay good friends or anything with her, he’s made amends to her, but because he doesn’t really want to talk to her anymore he often ignores her calls. She asked me if there was something wrong, and in the nicest way I could I told her that he is moving on, and he doesn’t really want to be in contact with her. Should I have done that? I feel bad for her making a fool of herself, but is it mean to tell her the truth because she will be hurt? I am not having any sort of romantic thing with this guy – he is just a flat mate!

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